Renomeet Custom Installation

Implement Online Meeting on your server, both Cloud and On-premise

Combine your online meetings according to the theme of the website or company. Renomeet Custom Installation online meeting is here for you and by you


Flexible Scheduling

The schedule can be directly changed according to needs just before the meeting.

Save UpTo 50%

Can save quota up to 50% compared to other video conferencing*


End-to-end video conferencing so that all conversations on Renomeet is encrypted from source to recipient using DTLS-SRTP.

Custom Design

Can be designed according to your wishes, Change colors, logos to online meeting domains as needed.


Can ve used only by using a web browser* and via mobile applications on Android adn IOS

Privasi Terjamin

Privacy is guaranteed because it can be installed on its own server. No need to worry about network quality, you can install and define yourself network you wawnt to use

online meeting

*)Testing is carried out with the following conditions :

  • Covers 5 case per video conference
  • Duration 3 minutes per case
  • All three applications run with Google Chrome