Renomeet Online Meeting

Get closer with Renomeet

Make it easy to you to communicate with colleagues, family, friends, even your community.


Room Password

Increase the security of your webinar event by adding a password to the webinar room you are using

Share Screen

Easily share your desktop screen views with other users

Participant Management

Moderators can arrange for participants to join for the smooth running of the video conference

Waiting List

The moderator can allow or deny participants who will join the room


Renomeet supports webinars that you will hold with registration management, participant management, polls, Q&A and e-certificates

Meeting Scheduling

Renomeet makes it easy for you to arrange meeting schedules and provide reminders so that you don't miss meetings


Save data up to 50%
No need to install applications on the desktop
Secure, end-to-end encrypted service
Legal, protected by Indonesian law
Flexible, accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile
Competitive price
Can limit the meeting to only registered participants


Save data up to 50%
Fast, Safe and Legal
Local Data Center Tier 3
Customer Support
No Need to Install Desktop Applications